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My Favorite ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips


Photo from ColourPop

As far as ColourPop lip products go, the Ultra Matte Lips ($6 for 3.2 g) are my least favorite because the formula tends to dry out my lips. This, however, is not unusual for liquid lipsticks. I’m much more likely to reach for a Matte X Lippie Stix if I’m going for a matte lip look. ColourPop does seem to have tweeked their formula because the newer Ultra Matte Lips aren’t as drying as their predecessors. The Ultra Matte Lips are highly pigmented and long-lasting. Also, there are some really stunning shades in the line.

As per usual, ColourPop recommends lining your lips with the matching Lippie Pencil ($5 for 1.0 g) and then applying the Ultra Matte Lip product in a thin layer for most comfortable wear. You will definitely want to exfoliate your lips beforehand.

The boldest formula of our liquid lipsticks – in one smooth swipe, you’ll get intense color payoff that dries down to a super matte, transfer-proof finish.

NOTE: All of the products mentioned in this post are currently available on the ColourPop Website. I will not be discussing discontinued items. This would be a much longer list if I were to include limited edition and discontinued products, but I don’t think it’s fair to recommend something unavailable for purchase.

My Favorite Ultra Matte Lips (in no particular order):

  • Aquarius 2 – Aquarius’ new sister. A mauvey greige.
  • Fresh Cut – Bright true blue pink
  • The Twirl – Bright Barbie pink
  • Speed Dial – Rich peach
  • Wild Nothing – Dusty warm brown
  • Little Weapons – A vibrant orange red (From the Alexis Ren x ColourPop Collaboration – not sure if this one is limited so snatch it up while you still can.)

See below for swatches:


(From left to right: Little Weapons, Wild Nothing, Speed Dial, The Twirl, Fresh Cut and Aquarius 2)

See this previous post for my Top 10 Favorite ColourPop Super Shock Shadows. 

xoxo, Sarah


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