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My Top Ten Favorite ColourPop Lippie Stix


Photo from ColourPop

The countdown is officially on for ColourPop’s launch at Sephora on 11/1!

I will be sharing my favorite ColourPop products with you in anticipation of the big event. Today, let’s talk Lippie Stix.

Read on to learn My Top Ten Favorite ColourPop Lippie Stix…

The Formula: Out of all of ColourPop’s lip products, Lippie Stix ($5 for 1 g) are my favorite. They’re loaded with pigment, long-lasting, comfortable to wear and easy to apply.

Get one swipe pigmentation in a full-coverage, matte finish in a super comfortable formula loaded with skin-loving ingredients like Shea Butter and Vitamin E. 

ColourPop recommends lining your lips with the matching Lippie Pencil ($5 for 1 g) to “help you achieve the perfect finished look and give the appearance of fuller lips.”

NOTE: I will not be mentioning any limited edition or discontinued products in this post.

My Top Ten Favorite Lippie Stix (in no particular order):

  1. Cami – Matte X cool-toned mauve
  2. Bossy – Matte classic blue red
  3. Cookie  – Matte warm brown nude
  4. Grunge – Matte mid-toned red brown
  5. Parker – Matte mid-toned warm nude
  6. Bound – Light nude pink
  7. Brink –  Matte terracotta rose
  8. LBB – Matte rich plum wine
  9. Faded – Crème rosy coral
  10. Birdy –  Crème warm baby pink

And an honorable mention goes to: Baewatch – Matte dusty rose

See swatches below:


(From left to right: Birdy, Faded, LBB, Brink, Bound, Parker, Grunge, Cookie, Bossy and Cami)

Tomorrow: My Top Ten Favorite Ultra Satin Lips

What are your favorite ColourPop products?

xoxo, Sarah


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