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My Top 10 ColourPop Super Shock Shadows


Hello loves! Today I am going to share with you My Top 10 Favorite ColourPop Super Shock Shadows. (I have over 70 shades in my collection, so this was no easy feat!) This is going to be a long one, so settle in with a drink or snack and get comfortable. Lets begin with some background information that you may find helpful…

The Brand: ColourPop is an online cosmetics company located in Los Angeles, CA. They have a massive social media following. This post is in no way sponsored by ColourPop, but I am a big fan of their products. The brand is perhaps best known for their Super Shock Shadows. ColourPop has also branched out to add Super Shock blushes and highlighters, pressed powders and lip products to their line. (I will discuss the other products in later posts.)

The Formula: ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadows are described as having a “crème powder formula with a unique bouncy-like texture.” They are soft, pigmented and long-lasting with little to no fallout. The shadows come in 6 different finishes: Matte, Satin, Pearlized, Ultra-Glitter, Metallic and Ultra-Metallic. In my experience, the Mattes are the most challenging to work with out of the bunch. Each Super Shock Shadow contains 0.07 oz of product.

ApplicationI usually apply these shadows with my fingertip and pat the shadow directly on the my lid. According to ColourPop, they can also be applied with a flat synthetic foundation/powder brush or a dual fiber brush. As per the brand: “A flat synthetic brush will give more coverage while the duo fiber brush will give a more sheer and airbrushed effect.” They reccomend using a fluffy, synthetic brush in “windshield wiper movements” to blend out the shadow.

PriceThese shadows are really affordable at $5 each. ColourPop occasionally releases value sets that generally range in price from $15-35. I suggest checking out these value sets if you’re new to ColourPop. It’s a great way to build your collection without breaking the bank.

ShippingDomestic shipping is free with a $30 purchase or $50 USD for international shipping. If you don’t meet the minimum purchase price, flat rate shipping (continental US only) is $5.99. Therefore, it’s worth buying in bulk or picking up an extra product to hit the $30 mark.

ColourPop often releases limited edition sets and collaborations. I have tried to limit discontinued products from this list. Additionally, I will only be discussing Super Shock Eye Shadows in this post. So on to my favorites in no particular order…

My Top 10 ColourPop Super Shock Shadows

1. La La – A glittery, soft copper Ultra-Metallic. This shade is richly pigmented and looks stunning on the lid. It’s a best seller for good reason.


Photo from the brand

2. Bubbly – To my fellow pink lovers: if you don’t already own this shadow, then go buy it now! This shade is a light-medium pink saturated in pink and silver glitter with a satin finish. I pack it all over my lid and instantly feel fabulous.


Photo from the brand

3. Glitterati – This shade is a glitter lover’s dream. It is described as “silver with gold Ultra-Glitter.” It is labeled as a Metallic. Also, it’s holographic. Tip: I like to use the more glittery shades as a topper to make my eyeshadow look really pop.


Photo from the brand

4. Slave2Pink – Ok, so this is technically a Super Shock Pigment but I just couldn’t exclude it from my list. It’s an electric neon pink with loads of glitter and a metallic, duochrome finish. This shade is everything! Since it’s such a vibrant color, I use it alone on my lids for a quick, easy look that still makes a major impact. NOTE: ColourPop states that this product should not be used in the “immediate eye area.” I’ve used it on my eyes, but do so at your own risk. 


Photo from the brand

5. Get Lucky – ColourPop describes this shade as “a muted Ultra-Glittery gold.” It’s labeled on the back as Ultra-Metallic. I consider the latter description more accurate. This shade looks gorgeous on the lid.


Photo from the brand

6. Wattles – This is a dusty pink with a satin finish. It’s a great staple shade that could be used to create a variety of looks. This one is also a best seller.


Photo from the brand

7. Fooling Around – So, I’m cheating with another Super Shock Pigment. This shade was released with the 2016 Valentine’s Day Collection. I believe that it’s limited edition and sold out. It was deemed Most Loved” on, so maybe they will bring it back due to popular demand? I would definitely buy a backup. The shade is a bright, glittery red with a metallic finish. Again, use this product on your eyes at your own risk. 


Photo from the brand

8. So Quiche – I was drawn to this shadow because it’s unlike anything else in my collection. ColourPop describes it as “a soft olive with violet and gold sparkles.” It’s holographic and has a metallic finish. Check this one out if you’re looking for something truly unique.


Photo from the brand

9. Paradox – A warm, burgundy red with a satin finish. This shadow is super pigmented and creamy. If you’re a fan of burgundy shades, then you need this in your life.


Photo from the brand

10. Thirsty Girl (Limited Edition) – A warm gold with a metallic finish. I have a backup of this shadow so you know that I really love it.


Photo from the brand

Honorable Mention:

11. On the Rocks – A warm, metallic brown. This shadow was permanent but I can’t find it listed on the ColourPop website. It may have been discontinued.


Photo from the brand

See swatches below:


(From left to right: La La, Bubbly, Glitterati, Slave2Pink, Get Lucky, Wattles, Fooling Around, So Quiche, Paradox, Thirsty Girl and On the Rocks)


Some words of advice: These shadows can dry out so make sure that the containers are tightly closed. They’re also fragile and can break easily, so be careful! Additionally, be advised that ColourPop does NOT accept returns. However, they will replace products that were damaged in transit.

What are your favorite ColourPop products? What do you think of the Super Shock Shadows? Would you be interested in seeing my entire ColourPop Super Shock collection in a future video? Would you like to watch me live swatch new releases? Please comment below. As always, I greatly appreciate your feedback.

xoxo, Sarah

PS: I will be swatching and reviewing Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the ColourPop Spring 2017 Collection in the upcoming week! Stay tuned!


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